About The Blog

I never thought I would ever say this in my youth but today, I am proud to say that I am a staunch Catholic. My journey in my Catholic faith was not a dramatic one, but like most who were born and baptized as one, I was lukewarm in my faith. It was after my father died at age 58 that I started to seek a deeper understanding of my Christian faith.  In the process, I finally learned and understood why I am Catholic.

This blog is my sincere attempt to write about Catholicism and it's Culture of Life.  I have other blogs but none on the one thing that keeps me going in life...my faith and my religion.  God has never failed me.  With all the trials going on in my life right now, now is the best time to start writing about how God has been so good to me from the first moment of my life.  My Dad, a few months before he died told us..."if I realized then that the moment we were born is also the time we begin to prepare for our salvation, I would have lived a good and better life."  But how does one live a good and better life?  I hope that by writing this blog, I will be able to answer that.  One thing I know for sure...how wonderful our world would be if all people make use of their time on earth respecting and valuing life.

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